Beverly Robert Singh From USA
I have used Indian Excursion (Vishal) for the past decade on at least 7 occasions for arranging travel for myself as well as groups (20 max). I travel into remote areas of India and this requires special preparations. He is wonderful! He always delivers what he promises and there has never been anyone traveling with me that hasn't appreciated his efforts fully. He is currently arranging my trip for December. Last year, I had a small group but they were arriving at different times and he coordinated everything beautifully. Then we had terrible weather events that created all kinds of delays in train and air schedules and he went out of his way to take care of each person, even at his own expense, booking extra tickets, etc. He allowed group members to reimburse him once they were safely home. I highly recommend him.

Emily Napalo (USA)
Thank you so much for this email.  I am indeed back, and well rested after my Goa vacation, which was just lovely.  My sleep cycle is still a bit off (up at 4am, asleep by 8pm), but I really can't complain.

We had such a wonderful time in India, and the trip was beyond successful.  Everyone - including me! - appreciated all the work that you put into it to make it run so smoothly.  We felt very well-cared for in your capable hands. 

I'm sure we'll be in touch to wrap things up, and I know I'll be able to say thank you again many times over.  But, to show that we really mean it: thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Take good care, and please feel free to use us as references any time.

Warm regards,

Kimberly Williams (USA)
Hi Vishal,
Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime! We are at the airport in Kathmandu getting ready to leave for Delhi. When I look at our itenerary, I see that someone is picking us up from the airport and then returning us to the airport this morning. I actually want to make sure that no one comes to get us. W do not have a transit visa and the multiple entry visa requires a 60 day waiting period so we will stay at the airport between flights. Our bags are already checked through to Moscow.

Again, thanks so much for everything. We will remember this holiday for the rest of our lives.

Suzanne Koepplinger (USA)
Hello Vishal,
Thank you so much for your kind note and again it was such a pleasure to meet you and have you with us on our journey in India. I cannot think of a single thing you could do to improve your services - everything was outstanding. I am meeting with some corporate partners of ours here in the States who also have operations in India and will be highly recommending your services to them.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Suzanne Koepplinger

Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

Neil Irvin (USA)
Hi Vishal,
I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you for your attention to detail , professionalism and kind supportive guidance during our stay in India. I hold you especially and Indian Excursion in the highest regards and would gladly offer a letter of support to future customers. Your children are so blessed to have such a kind and talented father. If you ever come to Washington DC, I look forward to returning the favor.
Your friend
Neil Irvin
Executive Director

Hanh (USA)
Dear Vishal,
It's wonderful to hear from you.  This was a trip of a life time for me and I can't say enough about how well you took care of us and in the process made India even more memorable.

I have had the pleasure of gathering everyone's evaluation feedback on the trip and we asked specifically about your services.  I can't imagine a more positive review.  (Please see below.)   I look forward to returning to India one day again.
Take care,

Patricia Tototzintle (USA)
Dear Vishal,
Thank you for your message.  When I share information about the MEV trip and my experience with my staff, family and other colleagues, I always note that we had the most wonderful tour guide coordinator that anyone could wish for.you were wonderful Vishal and I know that all of the staff and cohort members from NoVo, the Raben Group, and MEV Initiative all agree.  Thank you again.  I will take the opportunity to share your name and company with anyone I hear is thinking about a trip to India. 
With much appreciation,
Patricia Tototzintle
Chief Executive Officer
Casa de Esperanza

Lan (USA)

Dear Vishal,
Thanks so much! Our team is in a 2 day staff retreat today and tomorrow, but I will get back to you about this (and the picture!) early next week. 

We've heard nothing but wonderful things from the cohort about how it was to have you with us. Thank you again for all of your attention and hard work. I hope you've had a good rest at home! 
Warm regards,

Jackie Payne
Dear Vishal,
So nice to hear from you!  My son, Desmond, definitely seemed surprised, then delighted to see me and wouldn't leave my side for days.  It was a nice homecoming.

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to work with you.  We absolutely loved it.   Our faculty and cohort teams all did evaluations of the experience and they were GLOWING.  Many folks identified how smoothly the trip went as key to it's success.  I already blogged about you on our website and encouraged everyone I know to use your company in the future.

I will chat with Emily and Lan to see if there is any specific feedback that we want to document now for our next trip together and will let you know. 

Thanks so much for everything.  Best wishes to your family.

Deb Sperlak From USA
I used Vishal (Indian Excursion) to put together a pleasure trip for me and about 10 other people in 2006. Vishal had been referred to me by a friend of one of the people in my group. We were very happy with Vishal and his services. I highly recommend him. I have kept in touch with Vishal since our trip in 2006, and have served as a reference for him on more than one occasion. I recently contacted Vishal again to make arrangements for me in Kerala, in southern India, this coming January. As usual, he was quick and responsive and receptive to my requests and suggestions. I am even going to stop in Jabalpur on my way to Nepal from India, to meet Vishal's family.
Deb Sperlak

Katerina and Efthimios Eleftheriadis, Greece
We really thank you for the perfectly organized tour in Rishikesh. We appreciate for professional operation of all our needs, even those of last minute change of our itinerary.We hope that we will have another opportunity to organize for us a tour in magnificent India!

Many thanks & Best regards
Katerina and Efthimios Eleftheriadis, Greece

Jennie Thomas & Mr. David Young , Australia
Hi Vishal and Ruchi,
We are in Singapore and waiting on our plane for the last leg to Australia.  We want to once again say a very big thankyou for everything you did to make our trip to your country so very, very special. I will get the other diary notes to you when I get my breath after I get home to Canberra. We are stopping off in Melbourne for a few days to see David's brother-in-law who has been in hospital.  I'll also make comment on the various hotels for you when I get a chance to go back through the diary. Take care. We are so blessed to have met you both and to have had you to help us in organising this trip.

In our experience, and we are very experienced travellers, Vishal provided the very best possible service,  back up and advice.  We would highly recommend him to any one. We did a six week trip which went totally without a hitch and we were impressed by his personal assistance whenever needed.  Go and enjoy!
Much love
Jennie and David 

Georgia Kousouri, Greece
Hello Vishal, In general, the trip was well organized and we thank you for that.  Your representative in Agra and his wife were very kind with us and very helpful, they truly wanted us to have as more fun as possible. We spent with them the Holika night and the main Holi day. During the festival of colours, we celebrated with their friends and relatives, in a friendly environment, taking part in their neighbourhood's garden. It was an interesting celebration, even though it wasn't in the old places of the city, where the Holi is celebrated in the traditional way. Still, early in the morning and in the noon of the Holi day, we walked alone in the neighbourhood behind our hotel and celebrated Holi in the narrow streets, with the children and the local people, in the way they celebrate it. Both of these were very interesting experiences.  Choosing the Satyam Palace Hotel in Pushkar for lunch was excellent!

Our driver was very helpful and all our guides told us lots of information on the cities' monuments. It would be good to have an escort at Delhi's old city, because we had a slightly difficult time to locate the spices market, which was far away from the car parking, so we spent a lot of time reaching it. We thank you for organizing our trip, once again and hope to deal with you again in the near future!

Deborah Quilter (USA)

I just wanted to thank you for helping make my trip to India so wonderful.
I so enjoyed my time in Delhi and Agra, and want to thank you for spending the morning of my last day in Delhi with me. I certainly didn't expect that, and was very touched by such thoughtfulness.The retreat was wonderful, too -- and yes, a very INDIAN experience, as you predicted.

The whole thing was magical, and all I can think of now that I'm home is how to get back to India! And you can be sure I will contact you for my travel arrangements. I also gave your name and info to an airline flight attendant and other people -- I hope they call (but I hope you're not so busy you can't help me next trip!)
I've attached some photos for you.

Thanks again, and best regards,
Deborah Quilter
140 Riverside Boulevard #1106
New York NY 10069

Gretchen Beyer (USA)
Dear Vishal,
I have completed your feedback document and hope that it is helpful. My children and I enjoyed the trip...India was fascinating and the tiger safari was one of the best things we've ever done. As you know, the trip could have been smoother if we had managed the driving times a bit better or been better prepared for them. We did appreciate your efforts to fix any problems that came up and your personal attention to the trip details. Please let me know if you have questions.

Best regards,
Gretchen Beyer

Pratha,Denmark, Western Australia
Just a short note to thank you for a wonderfully organised holiday. All the arrangements were perfect and everything went according to plan. The highlight for me was seeing 6 tigers at very close range at Kanha and Bandhavgarh, together with another five in the distance. The tour staff were brilliant, in particular Arun at Kanha, I really could not have asked for a better driver. The only criticism I may have is that the hotel  in New Delhi was not up to the standard of all the other accommodation. I especially enjoyed the rustic atmosphere at Baghira Log Huts.

Faye and Gareth  (UK)
The whole trip was extremely well organized and we felt totally looked after the whole time. The 3 weeks went very smoothly indeed. The escorts,guides were all very knowledgeable and spoke excellent english. All our modes of transports were good. We enjoyed the train journeys very much. We had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip !We would  certainly recommend your services to anyone in future. 

Rajan Khurana (Australia)
My Trip was required to be Tailor-made to my requirements and Indian Excursion did an excellent job in meeting my plans for the tour. I had a lot of things to achieve on this trip and thanks to Indian Excursion all were met. As well as tours to Jaipur, Varanasi and Kumbh Mela 2001. I had various relations to visit and to attend several functions. Thus I require a flexible, Tailor-Made tour to achieve everything in a short a time as possible. Thanks to the friendly and thoroughly professional approach of Indian Excursion. Every went like clock work. I received help to put the tour together and assistance all the way. I would like to congratulate the team at Indian Excursion and wish best success for the future.

Mrs. Audrey D'costa & Family, U.K
Dear Vishal  
Happy New Year and thank you very much for organising a splendid trip for us.  We had a wonderful time. By way of this email, I am now introducing you to my nephew Andrew Wormald, who intends to visit India and he will be in touch soon. 
Bst rgds

Monica Gomez (USA) 
What a wonderful trip that my friend and I had; an incredible time and it was all due to your competent and knowledgeable and guides. Thank you for a wonderful time!

Karan  Douglas (UK)
It was  all wonderful, the Taj Mahal was amazing and a dream come true to visit it. The accomadation was excellent, we felt like royalty. The staff were always very friendly and willing to help at all time. We always felt very safe and secure and feel Vishal, you wentbeyound the call of the duty to help with our needs. Thanks for all. The driver was excellent, he must have been exhausted but was always driving well The bus was luxurious and guides very knowledgeable. We have seen so much in so little time, which is what we asked for. Thanks for all.  

Rajinder Mankoo (UK)
Highly satisfied with the tour arrangements. Tour guide was excellent I would highly recommend him. The escort Vishal, was highly excellent, highly recommended, very caring, meeting the needs of all the group members .The driver's were very good and co-operative. The tour was excellent. The value added as the Escorts services were highly received with fantastic customer care.

Linda Morgan (UK)
Outstanding Escort, guides and driver's services Vishal has been very patient, polite, friendly and been very protective towards the group on every outing. A superb service provided and a pleasure throughout. Thank you for a memorable and magnificent trip, which I hope to repeat.

Sharon Beech (UK)
What a wonderful place India is. We have seen some amazing sites including temples and forts, but the Golden temple was my favourite. All the hotels have been to a good standard, but once you have stayed in the lake palace you are ruined for life. What a place! In general, the tour guides escorts have been excellent. The driver and support have been polite and considerate. The vehicle has been kept clean, inside and out, at all times. Vishal this has been a fantastic opportunity for me. Thank you for welcoming me to you country in the way that you have . I wish you all the best with your business ventures, you observe to do well.