RAJASTHAN TOURISM Tour Highlights Adinath Temple

Adinath Temple

Dedicated to the Jain saint, Adinath, the temple is lavishly embellished with sculpted figures, including yakshis. The three Hindu temples of the group are the Brahma, containing a four faced lingam, the Vamana, which is adorned on its outer walls with carving of apsaras in a variety of sensuous attitudes; and the javari, with a richly-carved gateway and exterior sculptures.
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The sanctum of the temple is quite simple and the Vedika (alter) seems to have been built at some later stage. The roof has been built with a Padmashila (lotus like stone giving much beauty to the sanctum.

To the sculpture of this temple, the craftsmen have been marvelously successful in imparting expression to various emotions in stone. On the southern wall, there is a figure of a women, who has received a letter with sad news. The letter received is clearly visible in one f her hands and the grief caused by the message finds expression in her face and the other hand. On the outer wall of the temple, near about the starting point of Parikrama (circumambulation) in themiddle row of figures, there exists a remarkable Apsara image of a female dancer.

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