RAJASTHAN TOURISM Travel Info Senior Traveler

Senior Traveler

India has always witness very good number of Senior Travelers across the globe. This is mainly because of the available infrastructure & facilities.

Senior Travellers enjoy the cultural heritage of India. Senior Travelers normally prefer destinations like Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, Hindu Pilgrimage Places like Haridwar, Rhishikesh. They also prefer Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Tours.

Rajasthan is an ideal place for Senior Travellers. Rajasthan offers good Forts & Monuments, Heritage & Cultural sites, reach in essence. Rajasthani people are very much cooperative and of great help to Senior Travelers. They extend all kind of help & support to Senior Traveler.

Senior Travellers can always take help of families & elder people whenever & wherever required.

Senior Travelers are also requested to take certain precautions like travelling with too much of cash or goods as these may land them to certain problems. They should also avoid wearing expensive jewellery & other expensive ornaments. They are also supposed to take care of their travel documents & passport.

Senior Travellers should also discourage undue attention or advances towards them by certain anti-social elements. They should take help of people or inform the nearest Police Station/ Booth in case of any requirements

However, travelling in india is considered as safe as being at home.