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Food & Drinks


India offers you a wide range of Food Choices. India offers you a large number of vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals. Larger & Medium cities offer a wide range of eatables, whereas in smaller cities you are left with a very few choices.

In Large & Medium Cities, you can find all kind of Indian as well as Western choices. In smaller cities, the western food may not be very good & upto your expectations & is always advisable to stick to the basic Indian Food in such cases.

Vegetarian Food is quite common in India & usually comprises Rice, Bread, Dhal (Pulses), Vegetables, Curd, Pickle & other add ons. So many times it also include some sweets.

Non- vegetarian Indian Food is also very much popular & is easy to get even in smaller cities. However, it is advisable to ckeck the cleanliness of preparation.


Non- Alcoholic Drinks:

Tea & Coffee: It is one of the favourites of Indians across the country. Be it Railway Station, Airports, Small Restaurants, you will always find people having Tea & Coffee. Tea is relatively more popular in North whereas Coffee is more popular in South.

Water: Water is safe & clorinated in large cities but it is always suggest to carry one bottle of mineral water with yourself. Mineral Water is normally safe to drink & is easily available throughout India.

Soft Drinks: There are also good number of options for Soft Drinks in India. Majors like Coke & Pepsi offer various brands & tastes.

Juices & Other Drinks: Popular juices like Apple & Orange juices are easily availble & a safe alternate to normal water. Coconut Milk is also a popular drink in India.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is normally expensive in India. Indian Beers are also very popular as alcoholic drinks and normally being sold for Rs. 25 to 160 depending upon the Restaurant & its facilities.

Indian imitation of popular brands are also available but it is advisable to stick to your brand