Agra, known as the Theatre of the Titans, is a city in Uttar Pradesh. It is located in the rich soil of Ganga-Yamuna plains in western UP. It is 203 kms away from South East of Delhi, the capital of India. It is a center of religion and commerce for a long time. Agra is the most popular for its Mughal establishments and the love and sacrifice of Shah Jahan the great architect cum Emperor. Agra is a pride of India. It is popular for the remains of the mughal cultures. The Lodhi dynasty used to rule over Agra before the advent of the mughals. Taj Mahal, Agra Rajasthan Tourism


Historians suggest Agra to be the Agravana in the epic Mahabharata. It is expected to be known as Agralapura during the medieval age. An archaeological fact pushes the existence of Agra back to three million years. The Lodhi dynasty ruled over Agra for a long time. It was in the onset of the sixteenth century that the Mughals took over the ruling of Agra from the hands of Lodhis. The age of the Mughals was the age of construction and cultural advancements. After India attained its independence from the British army, Agra became a valued tourist destination.

Travel information:

November to February is the best season to visit Agra. Agra has a very good transport system. Roadways services and railways are easily accessible for Agra. There is a good eating and lodging facilities for all kind of visitors ranging from a laborer to a king. Luxurious like Amarvilas, Hotel Mughal Sheraton and Jaypee hotel etc. are there to treat visitors in Agra. Tourists are suggested to carry blanket or a jacket if you wish to visit Agra during winter, as it is very cold during winter. All type of vegetable and non-vegetable foods are available in Agra.

Places to See

Taj Mahal
Shah Jahan the great emperor and a great builder constructed Taj Mahal in the loving memory of his beloved wife Anjuman Bano Begum. Shah Jahan met this beautiful girl in his young age and later gets married with her. He was a devoted husband truly in love with his wife. She was entitled as Mumtaz Mahal with love and respect. Once while giving birth to his child the queen expired at a young age of 39. Later in memory of his beloved wife and a promise to keep he constructed the Taj Mahal with white Marbles. It is purely the eternal love of Shah Jahan that it was built the finest architecture in India

The Taj Mahal completed in 1653 A.D. Finished in by white marble, it is perhaps India most fascinating and beautiful monument. Not only is it recognized in just India but also all over the world. These perfectly symmetrical monuments took 22 years (1630-1652) of hard labor and 20,000 workers; Masons and Jewelers to built and are set amidst landscaped gardens.

Tajmahal is now counted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Six out of seven wonders did not exist in the current world. Poets, Writers, and Historians are in deep imagination to have replacement for the fallen wonders. Some raise that those monuments, which were not known, erected by Greeks should be added in the list. Tajmahal stands primary in the list. The new list includes amazing and fascinating monuments. Now Tajmahal has become the seventh wonders of the world. The mausoleum of love was constructed in white marbles. It is the best to view at bright moonlight

Agra Fort
The great Mughal Emperor Akbar was involved in the construction of the Agra Fort in 1565 A.D., although additions were made till the time of his grandson Shah Jahan. It has become a wonderful place to visit and enjoy.

Sikandra FortSikandra Fort, Agra Rajasthan Tourism
The museum built by the famous and the powerful emperor Akbar represents his philosophy and secular outlook, this monument takes us through the historic era and it is the best combination of the best of Hindu and Muslim architectures in a superlative region. Completed in 1613 A.D. by his son Jahangir, it is one of the well-preserved monuments. This is the last resting place of the Mughal Empror Akbar.

Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri is an epic in red sand stone. This is one place that is architecturally very famous and a city though is in ruins but still is in demand from all its visitors. A city of yester year today lost in the mists of time. The Mughal Emperor Akbar built Fatehpur Sikri during 1564 A.D. This city is quite prominent, as most of the north India of Delhi and Agra make sure that they visit this place of interest.

Radha Swami Samadhi
This is the head quarter or the of Radhaswami religion, here the holy ashes of the founder of the faith have been preserved and still lie here very well preserved. On the sprawling lawns here, is a beautiful and marvelous temple with beautiful carving of fruits, flowers, leave sand plants which have been reduced into stone true to nature, and are distinctive specimens of the plastic arts. This is under construction for almost 100 years.