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Ranakpur is one of the most important five Pilgrimage places of Rajasthan. It is the pilgrimage hub of Jainism. It is known for peaceful nature of the followers of Jainism. Ranakpur is in the Aravali ranges of Himalaya. It is considered as the most beautiful temple complexes of Rajasthan. It is an isolated valley in Aravali. Ranakpur has a pride of having the bigger Jain temple in India and its existence goes back to the 15th century. It is located in the district of Pali 60 km north of Udaipur.

Ranakpur Rajasthan Tourism

Dharna Sah was a Jain businessman with a vision to develop a great place of temples. He approached Rana Kumbha the liberal ruler who granted the land to show his expertise on carving in amber stones. These temples were established on 1439 AD and named after Rana Kumbha as Ranakpur. The basement of the temple is 48,000 sq feet covering the whole complex, four shrines subsidiary, twenty-four halls with pillars and domes. There are 1,444 columns with all different carved structure. The main temple is four faced temple dedicated to Adinath.

Travel information

Ranakpur is blessed with a very pleasant climate. It is a tropical type of climate facilitating the tourists to visit throughout the years. The maximum mercury reading goes to 42 degree Celsius and minimum reading to 11 degree Celsius. Considering all factors the period between October to March is the best time to visit this place. The nearest airport is in Udaipur from where regular flights are operating to all the major cities of India. Udaipur railway station also serves as a means to transport tourists for Ranakpur. Interstate buses operate throughout the major cities of India. Accommodation is supported with good lodges.

Places to See

Sadri (8km)
Famous for some beautiful temples and an old Dargh of Khudabaksh Baba. The Varahavtar temple and the Chinitamani Parsvanath Jain temples are the most ancient of the temples situated here.

Desuri (16km)

Three jain temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord hanuman and Navi Mata are among some noteworthy temples at Desuri, an old mosque situated here is also worth a visit. A temple dedicated to Parsuram Mahadeo, nestled in the hills, is also close by. It is situated in the hills, is also close by. It is situated in the kumbhalgarh tehsil of Rajasthan.

Ghanerao a bounds in Jain and Hindu temples of Gajanand with a life-size statue of the goddesses Ridhi and Sidhi the statue is guarded by Hamnuman and Bhairon on either on side.

Narlai (6km)
lying at the bas4 of a jillock on the top of the which is a classical statue of an elephant narlai has many Hindu and jain temples The temple of Adinath is an anicient one. The outer mandap of the temple has beautiful mural painting on its celling which still retain their original splendour.

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