Coorg as a lesser-known Hill Station in India is all set to razzle-dazzle a wary soul when he embarks on a tour to Coorg, a lovelyCoorg Rajasthan Tourism Hill Station in India. A Tour to Coorg makes one visit the Brahmagiri Tank that is the place where river Cauvery drains itself and thus it is a sacred place, which becomes red with vermilion smatterings on religious occasions.

It is understood that Goddess Cauvery graces this Hill Station in India, Coorg for a rezvenduous with her kith and kin. She also happens to be the spouse of the revered Saint, Agastaya.

Other places of interest include the Islamic styled Tombs and minarets of Dodaveearaja and Lingaraja. These constructions are very ancient in their origin and are quaint by the presence of minarets with Nandi Bulls perched atop the minarets .It also includes carved, gothic windows, which are home to different manifestations of Lord Shiva in Coorg, a beatific Hill Station in India.

India Travel Destinations also arranges for to the grand Abbi falls. Abbi falls, homed in this Hill Station in India, emanate from the rocky and moss strewn heights from amongst the Hills exposing oneself to the spray in this Hill Station in India, which is a memorable experience.

India Travel Destinations incorporates information on a packaged tour to Coorg coupled with the needed information for tourists to avail of the golden opportunity to travel and discover for themselves the delights of this Hill Station in India.

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