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Cochin even though not the capital of Kerala, the Beauty of nature and the advancement and education reflects not less than the capital of the state. Cochin is the biggest and the most beautiful port of Kerala. This makes Cochin a favorable gateway to the state of Kerala. The flood of 1341 once carved the port of Cochin out and hence Cochin became to be known as the first port of call. Arabs, Chinese and European merchants started sailing to India for barter business. It came to be known as the 'Queen of Arabian Sea'.

History:Cochin Rajasthan Tourism

Cochin developed as a major port of Kerala dealing the exporting business of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves etc. Cochin received helps from many of the foreign traders to develop business. In the year 1530 Cochin was under the rule of Portuguese taking Cochin towards prosperity. The Dutch intrusion started around 1653 to 1663. In 1814 Cochin became a part of the British Colony. British rulers built the seaports and airports. After Indian independence joining the province of Cochi, Malabar, and Travancore to form the state of Kerala in 1956. Later in the year 1967, the Cooperation of Cochin was formed. 

Travel information

Cochin is facilitated with a domestic airport with daily flights to all the major cities of India. Cochin is also having a major railway station with routes going to most of the major cities of the nation. Cochin Harbour Terminus, Ernakulum Junction and Ernakulum Town are the three main train station of Cochin. The roadway network of Cochin is very convenient as well. It transports to all the cities of south India and the major cities and tourist spots in Kerala. The best season to visit Cochin is starting from mid October to April. December and January are the peak time of tourist visits.

Places of interest:

Fort Cochin is the first fort built by the Europeans in India. The fort has different contributions from Dutch and British. A huge Portuguese mansion is inside this Fort of Cochin. Chinese Fishing Nets is also an interesting tourist attraction. It was brought from the court of Kublai Khan a great Mongol ruler in China. This net is set up on teak wood and bamboo poles. The Portuguese built Mattancherry Palace in 1557. Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Cochin was gifted this fort by the Portuguese. St. Francis Church is the first church in India built by Europeans. Vasco Da Gamma was buried here.


(47 km from Kochi)Malayatoor is famous for the catholic church on the 609 m high Malayatoor hill (dedicated to St. Thomas).Thousands of devotees undertake the pilgrimage to the shrine to participate in the annual festival - Malayatoor Perunnal (March/April). St.Thomas is believed to have prayed at this shrine.

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