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RAJASTHAN TOURISM-› Travel Info -› Women Traveler

Women Traveler

Women travelers are requested to take reasonable precautions & care if travelling alone. Women Travellers have certain advantages as well as certain disadvantages & discomfort also.

Women are regarded & occupy a distinct position in Indian Society. This is reflected while travelling in India. Women are given privileges & advantages. These include special coaches/ berths in Rail/ Bus Travel & additional queue for tickets/ banks etc.

At the same time, there are certain anti-social elements also. They intend to take advantage of lonely foreign women travellers. They assume the foreigners to be more free & easy. There are certain instances where single woman has been treated in a bad manner by these kind of people.

We request proper dressing when at a public place. Women Travelers are requested to maintain proper dressing & adopt a decent dress. This not only minimizes the risk of getting involved into dangers but also is healthy for a Country like India.

Getting involved with men is also not suggested. Try to shorten the conversation. Also don`t respond to any kind of staring or undue attention to men.

When travelling alone, take help of families, elder people or Police as per the situation. Families & Elderly people are very cooperative & helpful in any kind of situations. However it is suggested to maintain distance & talk less with men.