RAJASTHAN TOURISM Travel Info Disabled Traveler

Disabled Traveler

India as a Tourist Destination has always been favourite to Disabled & Senior Travelers. This is because of the fact that India is itself a poor country with a large number of disabled locals because of poverty & lack of cheap health facility for the locals.

Disabled Travelers are suggested to hire a private vehicle with a driver in order to avoid any transport related problems. This also helps when mobility is a problem for these people.

Hiring a full- time Help in India is extremely cheap because of the huge population & high exchange rate of Dollar versus Rupee. If you hire a local help for your travel, it reduces the problems which you could face because of your restricted mobility. It also helps in smooth movement in heavily crowded places.

We suggest Disabled Travelers to carefully recruit any Personal Help/ Driver. Also they should be careful enough not to carry too much of cash/ jewellery with themselves. These kinds of object draw the attention of certain anti- social elements who may create some probles

We also suggest Disabled Travelers to carry their travel documents/ passports in order to avoid any mis-happenings.

With some care & attentions, India is a Destination where you can enjoy it to the fullest without spending good amount of money.